Omega DB Scanner Standalone

Omega DB Scanner Standalone for Windows

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  • Version: 2.1.0

Security auditing tool and vulnerability assessment scanner for Oracle database

Omega DB Scanner is an out-of-box, software-only solution. This Standalone and Free Edition is a simple client-side solution that is deployed on the user's PC and easily scans the security posture of your Oracle database.

Run the whole scan set on the target database, or just run a single vulnerability scan, the assessed result in both summary and full will give you a clear picture of the scanned items security configuration, helping user taking corrective measures or allowing him to define proper authorizations.

Use the scan comparison feature to highlight changes between two different scans, changes that are evaluated at each control between current run and the baseline.

Omega DB Scanner is not just a vulnerability security scanner, but also an inventory of your Oracle database's security posture.

Send your scan records straight to Splunk SIEM from Omega DB Scanner; thus enabling storage of your scans results in a central location, visualization and quick access of scan data history.

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Omega DB Scanner Standalone


Omega DB Scanner Standalone 2.1.0 for PC

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